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Surprise Novella!!

With the release of Downfall just two weeks away, I wanted to give you guys something before it hits. As you may know, I wrote a few different versions of Lily and Miles story. What I mean is I wrote many timelines of their story. From the time they met, to the trials they faced doing long distance and figuring out how they fit together. Ultimately, it never really felt like the story they wanted to share with the world at the time.

After Downfall was finished, which essentially takes place after that phone call she makes to Quinn at the end of On PaperI realized there is so much of their story that is untold. I know it, but no one else does.

So I decided to take part of it and turn it into a novella. Free Fall is the story of how Lily and Miles met. It follows the week they spent together in San Francisco. The same week that led to Quinn and Keaton's love story. So if you were wondering what Lily was doing while Quinn was off falling for Keaton, now you'll know.

It's sweet and fast. It's about the fall, when things are fun and easy. Little do these two know what is in store for them.

Maybe soon I can fill you guys in on what happens in the middle. Nothing like living their story backwards, right?

Enjoy! Free Fall is available on all platforms for FREE.

💕 Shae

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