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The Idea: The Rise of Emery James

The Rise of Emery James is a slow burn, second chance romance. Emery left her hometown in Oklahoma to go to college and hasn't returned since. Not only did she leave her first love, but she left her family behind too.

Circumstances bring her back to Oklahoma where she not only starts a journey to find the girl she lost, but also one that will reconnect her with her family and with. Cole, the first love she's never forgotten.

So, where did this story of self discovery and second chances come from. Two things.

The opening scene of the novel comes from a personal story that a friend told me. He was describing this scene from his own life and it just tore at my heart. The images sat with me for months and later when is at down to write this book, they shifted into the prologue of this book. And really, the idea of Emery in general. The idea of what happens when your life is suddenly flipped upside down.

The second. piece of inspiration came from song. Lee Brice's That Don't Sound Like You came on the radio and it was like Emery and Cole came to life in an instant. Every time I hear this song, I hear them. Sometimes a song will open up the floodgates and it's as if it hits play on the entire story in my head.

So those are my two inspirations for The Rise of Emery James.

It's my quiet little book. But it has a lot of heart and it holds a special place for. me.

❤️ Shae

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