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Shae Scott is a contemporary romance writer who loves to write stories that turn real life into fairytales. She loves a story that makes you believe that real romance can happen when you least expect it. 


Shae was born a southern girl and her accent is sure to come out when she’s excited or drinking. Nowadays, you can find her just outside of Kansas City with a boy she met on vacation in California, her tiny dog, Parker, and the most well-mannered cat around. When she’s not writing, she’s usually reading or watching true crime documentaries. She loves podcasts, deep discussions about nothing, all bodies of water, fried pickles, tree tunnels, and animals of all kinds. 

Shae Scott is the author of the Unfinished Series, On Paper, Downfall, The Rise of Emery James, and the Berkshire Boys Series.

Books by Shae Scott

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Friends to Lovers/Second Chance Romance

"I promised to always take care of her. That promise never included falling in love."


The Rise of Emery James

Second Chance Romance

"Sometimes going back, is the only way to move forward."

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Free Fall
A Downfall Prequel Novella
Get the beginning of Lily and Miles' journey in this novella. It's the one-week vacation fling that started it all.
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Second Chance Romance

"Some happy endings can't find their way until you burn them to the ground first."

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Unfinished (Unfinished Series 1)

Second Chance Romance

"He was my best friend. One night changed it all. Now, so much is left Unfinished."

On Paper

Bookworm/Author Romance

"The best stories are the ones you never saw coming."

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Indelible (Unfinished Series 2)

Second Chance Romance

"Some marks on the heart cannot be erased. Some loves are Indelible."

On Paper

 I like be books that are real life! There were times I wanted to throw my Kindle across the room and times I needed a protector for it from my tears ...... Amazing!!!!

Gina - Amazon Reviewer


On Paper

Thank you Shae Scott for sculpting such an organic story of love. Finally we have two beautiful people not suffering from abuse, no whips involved, no dysfuntionality, no disrespect intentionally inflicted towards each other. Rather we have two souls stumbling upon each other unexpectedly finding love tethering their hearts.

Melinda - Amazon Reviewer

On Paper

I loved this book so much! It's the kind of book that pulls you in and you want to see how it ends but yet you don't want to see it end. Quinn and Keaton were such believable characters. They both had issues and I wanted so much for them to find a way to.stay together. Shae Scott does an awesome job of making you hold your breath wondering how the story will play out. I highly recommend this book.

An Avid Reader - Amazon Reviewer

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